Week of inspirational maths day one: brains grow and change03-10-2017 | 10:12:17 | Comments Off on Week of inspirational maths day one: brains grow and change

Week of Inspirational Maths03-10-2017 | 09:15:19 | Comments Off on Week of Inspirational Maths

This week we are participating in our second week of inspirational maths. This has become a really important week in our school calendar as it helps to reaffirm the positive mathematical mindset we strive to instil in all our pupils.

In maths, success can’t always be judged by the amount of ticks we have on a page or how quickly we can complete a task. In fact, mistakes, challenge and deep thinking all make our brain grow more than when we grasp things quickly. You can see what our ‘Maths Class Norms’ look like below:

Lots of the activities we will be doing this week, and beyond, will help to promote these mathematical values in lessons.

The following video is also definitely worth a look (please click on the link below to view):

Four key messages in maths.

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