Commendation Assembly 18/10/1918-10-2019 | 08:33:10 | Comments Off on Commendation Assembly 18/10/19

Well done to all of these children for their achievements this week!

Visit to Pizza Express17-10-2019 | 11:44:05 | Comments Off on Visit to Pizza Express

We were very lucky to take some children from Key Stage 2 on a visit to see behind the scenes of a Pizza Express restaurant. The children learned about food hygiene, healthy eating and also prepared and ate their own pizza. It was a very educational and enjoyable visit, Mrs Marsh loved it too!

Commendation assembly 11/10/1911-10-2019 | 15:13:43 | Comments Off on Commendation assembly 11/10/19

Gardening Club10-10-2019 | 16:01:09 | Comments Off on Gardening Club

Tonight at Gardening Club we found out about food from plants. We investigated what different herbs smelled and tasted like and we found that we could eat them without cooking! We also learnt that we should only eat the leaves of plants if an adult tells us it is safe to do so.

We made dips and spreads which were delicious!

Commendation Assembly 4.10.1904-10-2019 | 14:29:45 | Comments Off on Commendation Assembly 4.10.19

Well done to all children who were celebrated during today’s commendation assembly. Keep up the good work!

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