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Well done to all the children bringing home a ‘Hot Chocolate Friday’ treat this week. Some of the reasons they were chosen are: always walking in the classroom and corridors, following the Werrington Way. Producing brilliant work, trying their best. Using wonderful manners to other children and adults in school, being respectful.

We are very proud of you all for always following ‘The Werrington Way’.

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Well done to this week’s Hot Chocolate Friday children, please ask your child why they think children are awarded this special treat – all classes have talked about it today. #WerringtonWay

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Today was a very exciting time in school as it was our first Hot Chocolate Friday of this academic year. Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 will be bringing their treat home to share with their family and children from years 2 – 6 joined me this afternoon in our brand new wellbeing room to enjoy hot chocolate, a treat and a lovely chat. It was so great to hear all about what they are learning and which subjects they enjoy the most (and those they dislike too!)

Well done to all the children who consistently follow the Werrington Way:

Be respectful, Try our best, Keep ourselves and others safe.

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This was the first time this year that we were (nearly) all together, we have missed our wonderful Year 6 pupils and staff this week.

Well done to all the winners of our brand new award – presented to one pupil in each year group who has been chosen by the adults in school for always displaying the characteristics of ‘The Werrington Way’.

These children always follow:

Try our best, be respectful, keep ourselves and others safe.

We also said ‘Goodbye’ to Moira Mayer as her youngest son moves up to Moorside this time. Moira has been a driving force behind all of our fundraising efforts for 13 years and we will all miss her. A huge thank you to Moira from everyone at Werrington for your support and commitment over the years.

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The last hot chocolate of this school year, hopefully in September the children can all come together to enjoy hot chocolate and a chat with me on a Friday afternoon.

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Hot Chocolate Friday 2.7.2105-07-2021 | 10:09:29 | Comments Off on Hot Chocolate Friday 2.7.21

Well done to last Friday’s hot chocolate winners.

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Well done to all the children awarded with a hot chocolate treat this week -just what you need when the weather is miserable outside!

Remarkable Rafts in the Rain!25-06-2021 | 14:39:26 | Comments Off on Remarkable Rafts in the Rain!

Today, Year 6 tested their knot tying skills by trying to create mini-rafts using natural materials. There were some innovative designs and some even featured sails, flower decorations and a rudder. They then tested them on the pond and even some frogs came to watch. A super afternoon and they didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits.

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Well done to all of the children awarded a Hot Chocolate Friday treat today.

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