The Portable Roll23-06-2017 | 11:49:21 | No Comments

Dragon’s Den22-06-2017 | 14:10:03 | No Comments


Today, Year Six have had loads of fun pitching their amazing Chindogu ideas (the Japanese art of inventing silly and useless gadgets to solve everyday problems) to the ‘dragons’.


Commendation Assembly 16.6.1716-06-2017 | 09:11:54 | No Comments

Well done to all of our superstars who were awarded a commendation this morning – keep up the brilliant work!


RQW den building15-06-2017 | 16:47:34 | No Comments

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An introduction to Parliament15-06-2017 | 13:52:11 | No Comments

Should we have nuclear weapons?15-06-2017 | 13:47:59 | No Comments

Today we have had a parliamentary-style debate about whether or not we should have nuclear weapons.

This followed a discussion we had last week during our British Values Curriculum Days: while we were sharing our General Election manifestos, it was clear that a number of children felt very strongly about having nuclear weapons as a deterrent.

Therefore, we decided to explore democracy, parliament (e.g. its history, how it is made up, how debates are structured and how voting works) and the importance of voting. Part of this work also included watching extracts of debates and votes in parliament as well as investigating the rules around them.

This all built towards a ‘full on’ debate this morning followed by a vote. The quality of the debating was absolutely superb and everybody was able to make a valuable contribution. Well done 6KH!

PE training with Bee Active08-06-2017 | 14:38:02 | No Comments

We joined forces with the Bee Active team for some PE training today! Ben did sessions for each key stage, focussing on how we can get our children using their heart, hands and head in sport. All of the staff got stuck in, sharing ideas and having a go at some new activities. It turns out we are quite a competitive bunch!
Good luck to the Bee Active team in the Potters Arf marathon this Sunday! Look out for the bee if you are out supporting! 

Clever Coding07-06-2017 | 14:51:39 | No Comments

Today Zac from class 6SL came to share a game he has created on Scratch. He told me that he created it at home and has taught himself new skills by watching videos and following tutorials online.

He confidently explained the different functions and variables and gave me a sneak peak into the next project he is working on.

Here is a link to his game and it is definitely worth checking out.

Well done Zac, I look forward to seeing your next finished project!

I would love to hear about any other budding coders out there too!

Miss Carruthers

Computing Coordinator

Commendation Assembly 26/5/1726-05-2017 | 19:57:30 | No Comments

Well done to all the children who received their certificates this week.

Keep up the good work.

Commendation Assembly 19th May 201721-05-2017 | 18:31:47 | No Comments

Well done to all of the children for their fantastic achievements this week.

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