Forest School Fun18-09-2019 | 15:50:39 | No Comments

Yesterday, children from Year 3 and Year 4 enjoyed a special shelter building Forest School session. Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Ellis, our local PCSO Steve Sherratt and some of our school governors came along to see how the shelters were progressing. A super morning’s work!

Card Games Club18-09-2019 | 15:46:27 | No Comments

Well done to the members of today’s card games club, who played a variety of games of pairs against their friends. All played fairly and enjoyed the games.

Gardening Club 10.9.1913-09-2019 | 17:36:56 | No Comments

A lovely start to Gardening club this week with some weeding. The children all worked hard to clear away weeds, dead-head some flowers and generally prepare some of the schools potted plants for the season ahead. Well done to all!

Brains grow and change #WerringtonSTEM13-09-2019 | 15:16:58 | No Comments

Our final Week of Inspirational Maths message has been that we are not born a maths person. Instead, our mathematical understanding is developed through the experiences we have and the messages we receive.

Commendation Assembly 13.9.1913-09-2019 | 14:40:47 | No Comments

Congratulations to all of the children who received a commendation in our first assembly of the year. 

Strategies for learning mathematics #WerringtonSTEM11-09-2019 | 13:46:58 | No Comments

Last Friday, we looked at different strategies of learning mathematics. You can see them on the image below.

My first two weeks in RMC06-09-2019 | 14:43:55 | Comments Off on My first two weeks in RMC

We have had a fantastic start to school life! There were a few worried faces at first (mostly from the parents 😄) but we are all starting to settle in nicely.

We made some new friends and had lots of fun so far!

Today we had PE and we got dressed all by ourselves! Our teachers were very impressed and we loved to play the throwing and catching game!

Speed is not important #WerringtonSTEM05-09-2019 | 13:00:02 | Comments Off on Speed is not important #WerringtonSTEM

We want your child to develop a deep understanding of maths – not just recall a selection of memorised facts. As long as they are working hard and trying their best, the speed at which they work is almost irrelevant. In fact, as a school, we are striving to slow down our teaching and learning in order to achieve deep and durable understanding. We want your children to embrace challenges, struggle with problems yet still stick with it when things get tricky – we even want them to make mistakes. By forcing children to work quickly on maths tasks is the best way to start maths anxiety for children (particularly with girls). Also, mathematicians who rely on memory tend to be amongst some lowest attainers. Remember: speed will come as their understanding improves!  

Growth Mindset # Werrington Stem 05-09-2019 | 11:02:04 | Comments Off on Growth Mindset # Werrington Stem 

Today we learned about having a positive growth mindset for day 4 of Inspiration Maths Week. Ask your child about their exciting learning in Year 2.

Believe in Yourself #WerringtonSTEM04-09-2019 | 15:22:01 | Comments Off on Believe in Yourself #WerringtonSTEM

Today’s Week of Inspirational Maths focus was the importance of believing in yourself. Please watch the video below for more fascinating insight into how our brains work!

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