Making the most of the wonderful weather!15-04-2020 | 13:46:40 | Comments Off on Making the most of the wonderful weather!

Over the last couple of weeks the children who have attended school have been learning outside lots. Today we have been using our surroundings to create our own animal pictures.

After looking for the materials in the quiet area, the children then planned out, and stuck it down to create their animals.

Super work guys!

Commendation Assemblies 6.3.20 and 13.3.2017-03-2020 | 11:13:55 | Comments Off on Commendation Assemblies 6.3.20 and 13.3.20

A huge congratulations to the pupils commended in our last two assemblies.

World Book Day 202012-03-2020 | 13:31:43 | Comments Off on World Book Day 2020

On Thursday 5th March, everybody at Werrington Primary School celebrated World Book Day. This year, the theme was ‘Pyjama Day’. Pupils and staff were invited to come in to school dressed in their pyjamas and were also allowed to bring a favourite bedtime book, pillow and teddy bear. Children did a variety of reading-based activities throughout the day before we the whole school settled down for ‘bedtime’ stories in their classrooms at 2.45pm.

Although we love World Book Day at Werrington Primary School, we believe reading should be important every day and actively endeavour to instil a love of reading in all of our pupils.

Below are some photos from the day – enjoy!

Commendation Assembly 28/2/2028-02-2020 | 15:43:15 | Comments Off on Commendation Assembly 28/2/20

Well done to all of these children for their fantastic achievements this week!

Danish longball competition14-02-2020 | 16:09:12 | Comments Off on Danish longball competition

Year 3 and 4 children have had lots of fun participating in the danish longball inter-school competition with Bee Active today. Well done to you all!

POP UK recording day.07-02-2020 | 16:40:16 | Comments Off on POP UK recording day.

Wow! What a wonderful day we have all had, all of the children from Reception to Year 6 have recorded their tracks for our very own, professionally produced CD. The CD will be available for purchase at the POP UK concerts next week. The children really looked the part with their rock star outfits, as well as all of the staff – who knew so many staff had full sleeve tattoos – and some of the pupils too!

Commendation Assembly 31.1.202005-02-2020 | 09:55:28 | Comments Off on Commendation Assembly 31.1.2020

Congratulations to all pupils commended in last weeks’ assembly and thank you to all the family members that came along to join in our celebrations.

Stardome #werringtonstem28-01-2020 | 16:39:07 | Comments Off on Stardome #werringtonstem

Today we had a wonderful treat! We had chance to go in to the star dome with a space expert and learn about our solar system.

Year 5 and 6 Archery competition24-01-2020 | 16:30:42 | Comments Off on Year 5 and 6 Archery competition

George, Charlie, Harry and Jess had a fantastic time at the archery competition. Well done!

Commendation Assembly 24/01/2024-01-2020 | 15:35:53 | Comments Off on Commendation Assembly 24/01/20

Well done to all of these children for their fantastic achievements this week!

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