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Here is our first #barvember challenge for parents, carers and other relatives to have a go at.



Good luck and don’t forget to post your solutions on twitter using #barvember to be with a chance of winning some limited edition #barvember mugs and a £20 voucher for Cosy Direct.

Barvember06-11-2018 | 10:38:58 | 1 Comment

Barvember is organised by White Rose Maths to encourage everyone to use the bar model. We believe that the Bar Model is a useful tool for helping children (and adults!) visualise and then solve maths problems. We know that the bar model is not the ONLY way of visualising a problem and we also know that these problems can be solved in the other ways. However, even some of the most complex problems can be seen much easier when represented visually.

Barvember provides an opportunity for everyone to just do some maths. Therefore, to enable parents and carers to have some fun with maths (and bar models!), we are going to be posting a challenge each day throughout November. You can share your solutions online through Twitter using #barvember to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Get Bar Modelling everyone and good luck! #MathsEveryoneCan



Writers of the week19-10-2018 | 16:13:35 | No Comments

This week Olivia, Charlotte and Millie have worked extremely hard with their writing. They have been determined and persevered to complete their writing with a teacher and independently. Super effort, well done!


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